bobby-petrino-inside the pocket

Coach Petrino shares for the first time, his offensive philosophy and his philosophy for coaching the quarterback, along with his concept of offense, including all aspects of the passing game and recent developments in run/pass options and the read-option run game.

A sport-psychology appendix with Dr. Joe is added as a bonus feature.

Topics discussed in the book:

Chapter 1: Philosophy of Offense
Chapter 2: Passing Game Philosophy; Quarterback Play & Protections
Chapter 3: Quick Game
Chapter 4: Dropback Passing
Chapter 5: Empty
Chapter 6: Screens
Chapter 7: Play-Action and Nakeds
Chapter 8: The Age of RPO
Chapter 9: Option to the Heisman
Appendix A: Football Players and Psychology Concepts with Dr. Joe
Appendix B: Summary of Dr. Joe’s Dissertation

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